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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 9, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> swat officers storm a local home all because of a cruel prank. warbled know about swatting. >> and parents upset after a teacher asked students how far they'd go sexually. teacher asked students how far they'[ male announcer ] tv's come a long way. from color. to the remote. to flat screens. now it's taking a quantum leap. introducing fios quantum tv. record up to 12 shows at the same time so everyone can watch what they want. store up to 200 hours of entertainment in hd so you can binge watch your favorite shows. pause, rewind and play live tv on all your tv's. plus watch live tv anytime with the fios mobile app. redefining what tv can be. that's powerful. upgrade to a fios triple play with fios quantum tv
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and get $300 back with a two year agreement plus an extra bonus from verizon wireless -- this free lg tablet or up to $200 off any tablet from verizon. go to today. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. ♪ >> we begin tonight with breaking news in delaware. a possible shark bite at cape hen low penn state park. 16 year old was standing in about 5 feet of water late this afternoon when he says something grabbed his left arm. the teen says he saw the shark swim away. >> the teen was taken to beebee medical center and treated for cuts and gashes. swimmers will not ab loud in the water tomorrow morning after lifeguards and scientists can monitor the water for shark activity. happening right now flood warning in effect for parts of our a. let's get right over to chief meteorologist scott williams for details. scott. >> good evening. the flood warning will continue
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for southeastern montgomery county and northern philadelphia counties until midnight. mainly from that heavy rain we saw earlier this afternoon and evening. tropical downpours dumping from one to 3-inches of rainfall in this particular area. take look at some of the totals. gown every downingtown almost 1.5. 3-inches from norristown to willow grove. willingboro a little over an inch of rain. so very heavy rain set up mainly north and west of the philadelphia area. you can see over the last several frames, diminishing activity across the area, but it will stay warm, it will stay muggy as we move into the overnight and also tomorrow morning. we're watching 4:00 a.m. look at the clock. scattered showers across the area. so keep the rain gear handy for that morning commute. coming up, find out when we finally dry out and clear out from this very unsettled pattern expected this week. >> all right, scott. actor and comedian tracy morgan remains in critical but stable condition following this
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weekend crash that killed one person and injured several others. it happened along the new jersey turnpike as morgan was leaving a show in delaware. tonight for the first time we're hearing some of the 911 calls from drivers who saw the crash. >> there's a terrible accident. the car is on its side. >> are you involved or just calling it in. >> i'm just calling it in. >> the vehicle is turned over. do you know if anybody is in there? >> it's two vehicles and a, um, a wal*mart truck. >> morgan has several broken bones. he is expected to romaine in the hospital for several weeks. >> meantime the wal*mart truck driver charged with causing the crash is out on bail but investigators say he may not have slept for more than 24 hours before the accident. there are laws that govern how many hours truck drivers are a loud on the roads but many truckers say they've all dealt with a lack of sleep. fox 29's chris o'connell spoke with some truck drivers about that. he joins us live along the new
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jersey turnpike tonight. chris? >> reporter: that's right, iain. this crash certainly put a spotlight on sleep deprived truck drivers. something drivers i spoke with tonight say it is a big problem. here along the new jersey turnpike many of these drivers were very candid with me tonight telling me that you never know what kind of danger is driving in the lane next to you. how do you stay awake. >> sometimes you don't. sometimes you pull over, you know, pushing yourself past that limit that you know that you're no longer safe. >> reporter: truck driver herbert lindsay sees the risk every day on every highway. >> you see truck drivers pushing that are limits? >> oh, yeah. yeah. you can see them when they're out there. they start to get fatigued and you can see them. they'll go from line to the other on the roads and go over and hit the rumble strips. >> reporter: in trucking time is money. get to the destination faster, you get paid faster and on to the next load.
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tired or not. >> people get paid by the hour. we get paid by the mile. the more miles you run the bigger your paycheck. >> reporter: do you see other drivers who kind of push it sometimes? >> yeah, we've all pushed it. >> reporter: why? >> by law truckers are only allowed 70 hours a week then they must be off 34 hours including two consecutive nights off. according to a criminal complaint state police say kevin roper may have been up for more than 24 hours before crashing into tracy morgan's limo bus saturday morning. >> to me that driver needs to go to jail. he killed somebody. >> reporter: new jersey state senate president steve sweeney helped pass maggie's law it make eight crime to cause a fatal accident after knowingly getting behind the wheel after not sleeping for 24 hours. >> i do know these guys push these vehicles to the max because they can make one extra trip, you know, if they get that one extra trip they've done
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well. you know, they've made more money. >> reporter: sweeney to like see new jersey's law become federal law. even some drivers think easing off of the gas may be a good thing. >> i'm the most important 48 on the trip. i'm not going to hurt me. so i mean if i get tired, i'm stopping. >> reporter: and it's exactly the kind of crimes that truck driver was charged with in the case of tracy morgan's limo bus crash. kevin roper is scheduled to make his first court appearance on wednesday. iain? >> chris, thank you. a bus fire breaks out at the philadelphia international airport. officials say a shuttle bus caught fire around 9:00 outside terminal e's baggage claim. the fire has been contained. there are no injuries. several lanes in the rival area are closed right now. authorities say air travel is not being impacted. >> and we're following developing story for you out of chester county tonight. that's where another swatting game prank is played on authorities who did not take it lightly at all. fox 29's dave kinchen live outside the upper euclid
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township police department. this all started with a call to 911? >> reporter: that's right, police got a phone call saying two people were dead inside. it was also a warning telling police not to show up. what happened later created a tense situation for several hours this morning. >> kind of pretty nice neighborhood so when you hear that kind of stuff going on you're kind of a little taken a back. >> reporter: caught off guard before a morning walk, dwayne mosley found himself on lock down early monday morning along with the rest of his neighbors in the quiet kills of upper uwchlan township. >> a good number of people obviously the neighborhood was a little a biz this morning. >> swat teams swarmed this house after a call believed to be from the home own are in saying he killed his wife and grandson inside and warned officers not to respond. >> you're afraid you've got somebody who has already killed people and has a gun and is looking to get in a shootout with the police. >> reporter: chester county da says the call was bogus and did
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not come from the homeowner. investigators say it was part of a game known as swatting where pranksters try to lure police to potentially dangerous scene. swat members did not know this was prank at the time. even drew weapons on woman who lived at the house and helped to be walking her dog. >> obviously, she was very frightened. all of a sudden to be confronted by armed men out in the middle of the neighborhood. but to her credit she dealt with it professionally. >> reporter: swatting is now infamous with celebrities like arbitrator kutcher, miley cyrus and simon cowell. the da says there's nothing funny about it and it could cost someone their life. >> swatting there shouldn't be any doubt this is incredibly foolish, incredibly dangerous and illegal. >> reporter: investigators say they know who they're looking for. they say the call came in through a skype account with an audio toed feed but no rid yo feed. this individual could be facing serious charges license have to pay for the cost of sending swat
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out there estimated at $15,000. dawn. >> thank you, dave. guilty plea in a deadly hit-and-run in upper darby back in january. 58 yeared ernest marks scheduled to be sentenced in august. police say he hit 69 year old are you char paterson and his dog and took off. both paterson and his dog died at the scene. >> the shooting death of a driver in the feltonville section of the city is being investigated as a road rage attack and tonight fox 29 uncovers possible ties it may have to a notorious local motorcycle gang. our dave schratwieser reports. >> president around anywhere. >> reporter: at headquarters of the wheels of soul motorcycle club in west philadelphia, members had few words to say about one of their own now being charged with murder after a road rage incident on the boulevard saturday night. >> as far as we know good kid. >> reporter: members confirm that 34 year old christopher fields is a 1%er with the club at its roots at 61st and market for years. fields is charged with gunning
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down 43 year old todd riley after the bikers surrounded riley's car after he let them pasta red light. >> wheels of soul members about 20, 25 of them circled his vehicle. then got more heated. one of the members got off his bike and fired several times striking him and killing him. >> reporter: the unidentified member says field has some issues and said he knew nothing about saturday night's confrontation and the shooting. police say it turned ugly fast. >> then the motorcycles actually circle around him and then bad blood and then the shooting occurred. it's really a case of road rage. >> reporter: surprised by thi this? >> shocked. >> reporter: riley's girlfriend suffered a bullet wound. police are trying to identify other members of the wheels of soul who took part in the confrontation. once again, police warned against engaging in road rage disputes. >> a small little argument end d in this individual getting shot
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and killed in front of his girlfriend much it's not worth it. >> dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. >> police say a husband and a wife who went on a deadly shooting rampage in las vegas harbored anti government belie beliefs. authorities say jarod and amanda miller shot two police officers on sunday while they were having lunch. according to investigators they went to a wal*mart and shot around killing a woman. amanda then took her husband's life before taking her own according to police. neighbors in indiana where the couple once lived say jarod acted strange at times. >> he had firearms in his apartment, and he had extensive collection of knives and firearms and he had a couple different firearms. he had one for her. >> the couple had been kicked off a nevada ranch where anti government protesters clashed with federal agents earlier this year. the son of rancher liven bundy says they were quote very radical. there's progress tonight in the work to get the i495 bridge reopened to traffic. officials say they're almost done removing a massive mound of
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dirt that suspected of causing some support columns to tilt. they say it's the first step in getting the bridge repaired and reopened to traffic. transportation officials caution that process could still take weeks, if not months. the bridge was closed last monday after the problem was discovered during an emergency inspection. traffic has been redirected through wilmington on to i-95. >> a major construction project set to begin tonight along i-95 in port richmond will now start on wednesday night. you'll notice new traffic patterns in that area thursday morning. this is all part of a multi million dollars project to improve the northbound lanes of i-95 between the girard and allegheny avenue interchanges. >> don't leave your purse in the shopping cart. police say a local woman is taking advantage of some of us who do that. how she is striking in just a master seconds next. plus middle school students are asked how far they would go sexually by a teacher. parents are furious. why the school says they need answers to these tough questions coming up. >> and a 10 year old boy with
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autism is slapped on a busboy a schoolbus employee after the boy was screaming and cursing. how a child's mother is reacting to the disturbing video. >> plus a local marine surprises his mom at her college graduation. it's a touching moment that y
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>> three men wanted for robbing wawa for san witches. it's all caught on surveillance. it happened at the center city store in logan circle. the manager says one of the men grabbed a sandwich from the cold case and took it to the restroom. when he came out the manager says the sandwich was gone. he then noticed the other suspects hiding their food in their pockets. when workers called police the
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manager said one of the suspects hit him and through a cup at him. the men got away heading towards arch street. >> it's something a lot of us do. leave our personal belonging in the shopping cart while we shop. well now police in one south jersey town are warning you to watch out for a serial thief. shawnette wilson is live in mt. laurel tonight. shawnette? >> reporter: ye an, police have received three reports over the past few weeks most from women who say they put their purses here then turned away to shop. mt. laurel police want to you take a good look at these surveillance pictures. they show a woman leaving a store after police say she stole women's wallets and credit cards from customers who leave their purse in the cart while they shop. it happened at this wegman'ss on center ton road. >> where the kids would sit, and then if i go -- i leave the cart and i will go walk over and get milk or something and come back to the cart and put it in the cart. so i'm not surprised that somebody would take advantage of that situation.
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>> reporter: mcqueen isn't alone. i found plenty of women not embarrassed to admit they leave their purchases in the cart, too. >> i'm one of those people that put it here, too. i really try and watch it. it gets heavy. >> i'm very guilty. i've been told by nice customers to watch what i've been doing. leaving my purse in the cart. >> reporter: lieutenant steven read never says one of the victims sat her wallet on the counter while using a card to check out and her wallet was stolen, too. he says the suspect then used the stolen card at stores near the wegman'. >> there's several stores in that strip. she's used target before. usually large purchases she tries to make. >> diane hunter isn't worried about becoming a victim. >> i kind of conscious of it. i usually always carry it on my shoulder and don't put it in the cart at all. >> reporter: less say the woman strikes in just a master seconds. when the shopper turns away. hearing that, many women say they plan to change their habits. >> i'm not going to do it right now. i'll physical that you.
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>> reporter: now police also tell me that other stores in this very same shopping center like panera have had problems with someone stealing purses off the backs of chairs when people dine. if you recognize the woman we showed you in the surveillance pictures, call mt. laurel police. iain? >> shawnette, thank you. residents of a cumberland county, new jersey, town will now have until mid august to collect signatures in an effort to out of the their mayor. they say they want vineland's mayor gone because he's negligenting his duties but a recall committee wasn't able to meet a may 19th deadline to get the necessary signatures. court granted them extra time and tonight the mayor ruben bermuda is addressed his criti critics. >> for the committee to fool the court into believing the residents are beating down their doors to sign the petitions and all that is needed, it's not a sign up from folks who care little about the voting process to do and not even bother to register to vote. necessity bringing in a paying
10:18 pm
outside people who have little to know knowledge or interest in vineland of fares. comes off as bit mercenary and quiet desperate on the committee's part. >> we reached out to the recall committee but all we were told they are actively seeking the recall. protesters take to the streets in center city to demonstrate outside the union league where governor christie was thought to be having a fundraiser today. they're upset that recent cuts to education in the region. >> that fundraise sr. was moved to the comcast center. as bruce gordon reports, they wanted to be heard and send a message to governors christie and corbett. >> reporter: there were lots of scenes evident in the signs and chants from the protesters who packed the sidewalk in front of the union league but among the loudest voices came from education activists angry at school budget cuts put in place by the guest of honor the this fundraiser chris christie. >> a kid goes to school hoping
10:19 pm
they get the resources, hoping they get the education they're supposed to. when you cut the budget, you cut away their future. >> reporter: governor christie began his day touring schools in cam. it was just about a year ago that the christie administration orchestrated a state takeover of camden schools. believing trenton could fix years of financial mismanagement. low test scores and sky high dropout rates. at a noon event at camden high christie was joined by the district superintendent both claiming progress has been made. >> now there's a long way to go, we know that, we have lot of work to do, but we made some significant growths in just the first year. >> we began to lay the foundation brick by brick for the path ahead. we've right sized and balanced our budget. >> reporter: right size is a term governor uses a lot when referring to camden schools. more than 300 teachers and administrators have been let go in an effort to fill a $75 million budget deficit. >> you have to right size the district of camden. and we simply have too many personnel for the number of students that we have. >> reporter: christie suggested to reporter that is he
10:20 pm
could minimize the impact of teacher layoffs if he had wider latitude in determining who had to go, but that seniority rules mandated by the teacher's union have tied his hands. in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. >> bruce tells thus during that protest six protesters were arrested for failing to leave the street. and time now for a look at your tuesday wake up forecast. keep that umbrella handy, scott. >> that's right. it's going to be muggy, too. right now humidity at 64%. winds out of the east southeast at 5 miles per hour. but look at the chem chess still in the 70s across our area. in fact we also still have a flood concern we'll talk about that coming up. over the next 12 hours it's going to be in the low 70s by 1:00 a.m. what about 71 degrees by 7:00 a.m. with those scattered showers around for the morning commute. 76 degrees by 10:00 a.m. keep the rain gear handy because you'll need it not only tomorrow but most of the week. that aerial flood warning for local creeks and streams
10:21 pm
primarily from all of that heavy rain we saw earlier this afternoon and evening. ultimate doppler, however, showing that most of the heavy rain has come to an end. we'll have much more on this very unstable pattern coming up. >> all right. thank you, scott. a 10 year old little boy with autism is hit and slapped by a schoolbus aid after the boy was cursing screaming. the child's mother found out about the reaction and he her...ring. >> her son is being held in a central american prison. she talks to fox 29 about her fight to bring him home. >> it might sound great to live next to golf course, right? local residents living next to this one say it's a nightmare. how they say golf balls are ruining their quality of life and what they wa
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mara: it's easy to lose your way in a place like this. ms. winnie earle: kids in paterson face lots of obstacles - but nothing can stop their determination. mara: my dream is to be a pediatric nurse. ms. earle taught me if i work hard - i can do anything. ms. winnie earle: mara had so much potential, it was my job to help her reach her goals. mara: now, i'm headed to college to study nursing! ms. winnie earle: there are so many talented kids like mara - and they all deserve to live their dreams.
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♪ >> school employee charged with child abuse. check out this surveillance video from a schoolbus in florida. district officials say a 10 year old boy with autism was cursing and screaming. they say an aide assign to the bus told him to stop. when the boy continued to yell, they say the employee slapped him. the child's mother says she's shocked and disgusted. >> it was disturbing. it was frightening, and, you know, um, i couldn't believe my eyes. it was disgusting.
10:25 pm
i mean this man had an open hand slapping him around like he was a rag doll. >> school officials say the aid has worked with special needs students for years but there have never been any complaints before. they're now looking into this to see if there's a history of abuse. a six time olympic gold med list recovering from injuries from weekend accident. swimmer amy van dyke severed her spine in an atv in arizona. she could not move her toes or feel anything touching her leg. hospital spokesperson would only say she is in good condition. >> police arrest a man tonight who they say barricaded himself inside a hollywood california home. police finally got him out with tear gas. swat teams say they launched at least six rounds of it from the roof next door. 41 year old nolan perez came out the back door where he was checked by k9 dogs before cops swarmed on him. it all began with high speed chase through los angeles.
10:26 pm
neighborhoods were evacuated and nearby schools were put on lock down. police say perez was wanted for stalking and repeatedly threatening a woman's life. he's facing many charges to night. >> a local woman living in fear terrified for her son. he's being held in a central american press p son in deplorable conditions. why she says he was wrongly targeted. that's coming up. >> plus it look like a peaceful day on local golf course but neighbors living next to it say it's a real nightmare. why they say it's expensive and dangerous. it's double vision times 14. there's something really special going on with a local graduating class. meet these exceptional students class. male announcer: commemorate the war of 1812 bicentennial
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and join our traveling celebration as the chesapeake campaign visits town festivals up and down our shores. visit presented by at&t. maryland. land of discovery.
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1 underline maryland scenic byways guide and map to explore all the beauty, history and culture along our 18 byways and other driving tours. order yours today at land of wonder. ♪ >> it's been 36 days since six americans working for a salvage company have been detained and jailed in honduras. tonight a local woman is fearing for her son's life. he's one of the six members facing prison time in honduras. the doylestown mother says her son is being held illegally and she wants him home.
10:30 pm
>> six american men including doylestown native devon butler are living in deplorable conditions in a honduran jail on charges of firearms violations after their ship was intercepted by local police in honduras over a month ago. authorities seize the the ship and arrested the crew butler's mother is worried. >> they have broken no laws. they were going down there on a business project that had humanitarian elements to it. >> reporter: captain robert main admits there were guns on the ship but he declared two pistols, two shot guns and a semi automatic rival that look like an ak47 at a honduran navy inspections post and adds the guns were for defensive purposes only. pirates are a concern in the area of the honduras coast. main whose been doing this for over 30 years is facing 10 years in prison. >> i'm terrified. i'm terrified at the prospect of justice in this country. >> reporter: devon butler is a
10:31 pm
diver and deck happened aqua request. his mom says she knew her son's job could be dangerous. >> he's an adventure some diver and i'm always concerned as a mother. if i think about it too much i'm in trouble. i was vaguely aware of the kind environment in honduras. but it's not until now that i'm made much more aware of it and i'm filled with fear. >> his mother wants the crew released immediately. >> we want our families home. we want them safe and we want them home. go fund me site set up to help cover the group's legal fees. so far it's raised more than $3,600. >> a new audit shows thousands of patients are waiting to be seen in va hospitals and clinics across the country. the report finds 57,000 new enrollees are waiting for care nationwide. the audit included pennsylvania locations with philadelphia's medical center having the most people in our area waiting at least two months for an
10:32 pm
appointment. some 1100 enrollees are on its waiting list. the university city hospital and the facility in horsham will both be investigated further. the audit comes in the wake of the nationwide veterans health care scandal that may have led to dozens of deaths. well tonight college students who finance their education through student loans much president obama is taking action on behalf of borrowers struggling to make monthly payments. >> in a 21st century economy, a higher education is the single best investment that you can make in yourselves and your future. and we've got to make sure that invest many pays off. >> the president is extending an existing plan to let all college loan holders limit their payme payments to no more than 10% of their income. this effects 5 million america americans. living beside a golf course might seem pretty nice. right? >> people in one philadelphia area say being neighbor wis a golf course is an expensive
10:33 pm
nuisance even dangerous. fox 29's jeff cole shows you w why. >> reporter: it's a spring afternoon and the golfers are out. this is not a posh exclusive suburban country club. it's a city owned course in a blue collar row house neighborhood. this is cobbs creek golf course in west philadelphia's overbrook park. and neighbors who live alongside part of the course are teed off. they're fed up with damage they say is being caused by golf balls flying off the course and on to their homes and cars. >> these are the balls i found since last summer. report roar barry cox has basket full of golf balls he says he's collected from around his house. >> i guess it came through like this. >> reporter: he says one shattered his windshield leaving him a nearly $300 repair bill. >> put hole in the windshield, back windshield and i opened up the door and i discovered the golf ball wedged right between
10:34 pm
the driver's seat and the door. report. >> reporter: neptune says her bathroom sky loot was scattered three different times by are a rant balls. >> the first two cost $500 each. this time maybe more. >> reporter: little lenell says she's even been struck by a ball that ended up in her front step plant. >> a gulf ball hit me right in my knee. my right knee right here. >> reporter: other neighbors say their cars have been dinged by balls over and over. one homeowner built an enclose insures to protect his vehicle. david apple says his car has a cracked windshield from ball but he has a bigger concern. >> when my daughters were small, we wouldn't let them play outside because it was dangero dangerous. >> we don't want to wait until something happens a tragedy happens and one of the children gets really hurt. >> reporter: there is netting to protect from are a rant tee
10:35 pm
shots but it doesn't extend down the fairways and that's what the homeowners want. along with more of an effort to hold golfers responsible. >> these golf balls come down with the velocity that's on it they can actually hit someone in the head. >> reporter: they say they're complaints to golf course management have been ignored. >> now, it's the time to take action. we want to put a stop to it now. get there. >> reporter: the golf course manager and city parks and recreation declined to answer our questions on camera when we asked them on the telephone about the complaints they said that they believed the fencing is fine and they know of no current complaints. we'll check back with the residents on that. jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> there's something really special about a local graduating class. some exceptional siblings will have you seeing double. you'll meet them coming up. >> and you've heard of his and hers closets.
10:36 pm
one couple is taking the not sharing idea to a whole new level. why they say these unusual houses are the secret to their long lasting relationship. >> and you might want to find a broker fast. getting your hands on peace of apple just got cheaper. why the tech giant is
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♪ >> update now to the breaking news we told you about at the top of the hour. this video just into fox 29. a charred shuttle bus in the process of being towed at philadelphia international airport. the bus caught fire around 9:00 outside terminal e's baggage claim. there are no injuries. several lanes of the arrival area are closed right now and authorities say air travel is not being impacted. >> in your money tonight, how some people plan on getting free drinks. some stores will be giving away a free small serving of brewed raspberries lime aid iced tea. tomorrow is national aced tea day and the free drinks come with any purchase. the offer will be available every friday through the end of june. it's also hosting a digital competition using the hash tag iced tea sweep much the store is asking fans to show photos how they are enjoying their iced tea
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on twitter and instagram. winners will receive a 7500 shopping spree. >> taco bell come up with the next innovation in food mash ups and it's available now. this is th burrito wrapped wes l la. meet, rice, chipotle sauce and sour cream and on men use nationwide. >> it is now a lot cheaper to own a piece of apple. the stock split dropping the price per share from nearly $650 to just over $92. current shareholders get seven shares for each one they own. analysts say companies routinely split stocks to try to lure new april investors. >> one detroit couple seems to have mastered staying together. >> the idea for them is to stay apart. albert and debbie lou of detroit have been dating for will now and they have his and her houses side by side just like his and
10:41 pm
her baths. the homes draw a lot of attention. betty lou had her home first and albert decided to buy the one next door. >> we wouldn't have bought -- when i bought that one, this my house now and you stay over there. i don't want you over here. >> how does that work out for you guys. >> fine. >> i spent mr. time over here. some people drive by and they say hey you're in the wrong house. i said okay. i'll go back over. >> albert says they're welcome in each other' homes at any ti time. what's his closet look like. >> middle school students are asked how far they would go sexually by a tow cher. parents are furious. why school leaders say they're looking for answers to such personal questions. and what a night for local mom. her son who is a marine surprises her at her college graduation. the touching moment you don't want to miss. scott? >> scattered showers and thunderstorms expected this week. find out the day to expect the week. find out the day to expect the so brian at citizens said
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>> graduation day is going to be special next week at william tennet high school in buck county. that's because 14 sets of twins are saying farewell.
10:45 pm
not only to the school but to each other and their classmates. the group says they share unique connection and while some are identical others are not. they say nothing can break their bond. >> even if you'll fight, you know, tomorrow morning when you wake up in the same exact house you have to be friends with each other or else mom gets mad. >> the class officially graduates on june 20th and for many it will be the first time these students aren't together by the way eight sets are graduating in the top 10% of their class of 485 students. congratulations to them. >> the sex he had class at a california middle school has some parents upset. >> that's right. it's not the class itself that's the problem it's what students say they were asked in class. a 14 year old told her parents the teachers asked everyone how far were they willing to go sexually shouldn't is he owes students had to pick one of the following categories. smile, hug, kissed, above the waist, low the waist and all the way. parents say this just unacceptable.
10:46 pm
>> pointing the kids out in front of their piers is something definitely not something that needs to be done in the school or anywhere. >> every family has different ages for their children to date and i believe that it's something that needs to be taught at home from parents. >> the school district is defending the class saying the lesson is designed to open communication between students and parents about dating expectations. is the season for college graduation but for one woman tonight's ceremony is extra special. not only is she a part of the inaugural class of human resource management from pierce college, but a surprise guest is on hand to present her did he degree. our thalia perez was there. >> i'm really sorry, i'm sorry, i couldn't make it. i was like, it's okay. i know if you could be here you would. >> condo lose is a robinson's son paul is stationed in virginia and hasn't been home in five months. so it was the biggest surprise when he walked on stage during her commencement ceremony.
10:47 pm
there were hugs and cheers then corporal robinson presented his mom with her bachelor's degree from pierce college in human resource management. in front of all 323 graduates. >> your heartbeating like this. >> undescribable right now. she watch me grow up. >> how you doing. >> my mom is one of my biggest inspirations after the passing of my father. i never seen my mom be so strong. >> his dad pas passed away in 21 after long illness. his mom put her education on hold for her children all present tonight for her special moment. >> i'm proud of everything she does. because she raised three kids and we all taller than her now. we don't forget who mom is. >> earning her bachelor's degree is only the beginning of what's neck. she plans to pursue her master's degree. >> words cannot express.
10:48 pm
this is the next best thing next to my husband. i lost my husband during my teen you're going school. >> after all the sacrifices and hard ships this marine surprised his p.m. was perfect. the date she completed her special journey and it's something they'll both cherish in their hearts forever. thalia perez, fox 29 news. >> what great story. time now for lock at our fox 29 weather authority forecast. and lots of rain on the way, scott. >> unfortunately, you know, after a beautiful weekend, saturday was a 10. sunday was a 10. we're looking at a couple of sevens, maybe a six as we progress throughout the week, because it will stay warm, muggy and also we're looking at scattered showers popping up. for the overnight, staying kind of steamy. a few leftover scattered showers but a lull in the action until tomorrow. tomorrow morning we'll have some scattered showers around. tomorrow afternoon we'll have some scattered showers as well as some thunderstorm chances then really just keep the
10:49 pm
umbrella handy as we progress throughout the week. it won't be an entire washout, but if you are underneath some of those showers and storms, it is likely to dump locally heavy rainfall like it did in particular northern sections of philadelphia county, southeastern montgomery county. we still have that flood warning in effect until midnight. local creeks and streams watching out for minor flooding because all of that heavy rain some locations picked upwards to 3-inches in southern sections of montgomery county out of this cluster of showers and storms that really didn't move a whole lot during the afternoon and evening. right now you can see around the doylestown area looking at some light showers, but nothing heavy like what parts of the area saw earlier this afternoon and evening. 67 degrees was the low temperature this morning. 82 for the hee. so 1 degree actually above average but it felt little warmer because of that humidity out there. lookinlookinglooking at the tem0
10:50 pm
in atlantic city and wildwood and 70 in allentown and lancaster. that's popular number at this hour. we continue to follow a trough. a little weakness in the atmosphere overhead so will act as a lifting mechanism tomorrow afternoon for scattered showers and storms. but look at this pinwheel back to the west. this will approach our area toward the latter part of the week and give us better chances for even heavier rainfall especially for friday. here's the clock at 5:00 a.m. watching out for scattered showers across the area for your morning commute. continuing to find scattered showers really throughout the day tomorrow. so keep the umbrellas handy. temperatures tonight in the upper 60s for the city. so staying mild, staying muggy. 85 degrees. that will be the high temperature for tomorrow with those scattered showers and storms. forecast by the numbers on a scale of one to 10 we'll give tomorrow a seven. that weather authority seven day forecast showing you perhaps a few pop up showers on wednesday. better chances thursday into friday.
10:51 pm
friday could be the wettest day of the week. but the good news we get it out of here just in time for the weekend. the timing continues to give us this nice weekends across the area. >> deal with the rain during the week. >> exactly. >> and howard, pop-up showers. we know you love them. >> i can't wait for the next one to come. pop-up right in my backyard. all right. the nba has a big problem. he's called donald sterling. just when the new commissioner adam silver thought he was home free. and some of the talk today the eagles practice was about money. funny how that always comes up
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
♪ >> the eagles they signed first round draft pick today that would be marcus smith signed a four-year contract with a fifth year option $7.7 million. the eagles have now signed all their draft picks and eagles had another day of their ota's and it's all about building up to get the players ready for the season. it happens early each year. earlier each year actually. nick foles seems to get more comfortable with the team with each practice. eagles run these workouts almost the same as the season and the media tried to get something out of nick foles to make a comment about a possible new contract he could sign as season's end.
10:55 pm
>> we're working hard in here. we're working hard on the field. i'm cherishing this as like i said before there's been so many times careers are cut short. i'm really trying to make the most of it and if i'm forge in the to get to that down the road, then i'll be thankful. but i'm really just thank put right now with what i'm doing. >> you know what, i believe him. >> bad muss for the nba it's in the lebron james with dehydration days. donald sterling through his attorney has decided not to support the sale of his clippers team and will sue the inform b and adam sill very for $1 billion. the phillies have the knit off but some good news phillies news. cole hamels had number 19 retired from his days with the lakewood blue claws when he played single a minor league baseball now he played with lakewood for less than half a season but the minors you don't forget. >> these the memories i'll almost remember more than some of the memories in the major
10:56 pm
leagues just because, you know, this is is the sort of start to, you know, my journey in playing baseball. >> some of the eagles players went out for big denner not just any dinner. there's ritual in the nfl the top rookies takes other players out for a big dinner. a year late but the fir round pick last year lane johnson took his other offensive linemen out for dinner on friday. here's the bill. just under $18,000 for his offensive line teammates. but some of the highlights of this bill, 19, 2-ounce glasses of louie the 13th at 260 a pop. that comes to just over $4,900. but there was more liquor. these guys must like wine and cabernet drinkers. let's start with the bottle of screaming eagle for they've hundred dollars. then the boys went with a little harrell len estate cab at $2,9 $2,900. then they washed that down with another bottle of schaeffer hillside select at $2,600. that's approximately $14,225 in
10:57 pm
liquor. washed down a policely $1,500 in food. >> they didn't leave a good tip. $482. >> terrible. brutal. >> they need to go back and drop another two grand. exactly. >> thanks for watching the fox 29 morning news comes your way at 4:00 a.m. 29 morning news comes your way at 4:00 a.m. >> tmz is next.
10:58 pm
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> jessica simpson was not only drunk last night, she couldn't wait for the jack in the box run so she had it delivered to the club. >> usually you don't want it until you leave. >> i think people around her were like we need to get food in her now. [laughter] >> justin bieber washed away all of his racist sins because he's officially been baptized in a friend's bathtub. >> do they use normal water to that, i'm curious? >> it's holy water. >> they just bless the water. >> i'm saying if you bless it, every water is holy. >> wow, you poked holes in religion. [laughter] >> hayden panettiere, preggers. little bump going. >> need to remember her before it rips out her belly.